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Our experience and can-do attitude will ease stress and worry from the funeral, leaving you free to honour and remember your loved one in a special way.

Peter Beauchamp

Qualified and Experienced Funeral Director, Embalmer, Funeral Home Owner

Still very much actively involved, even after 42 years in the funeral industry, Peter is the Head of the Beauchamp Team. The funeral industry has been his life and though he threatens to retire one day it appears this may be in the distant future. From humble beginnings in Marton in 1981, expanding to Feilding in 1991 and Palmerston North in 1996, Peter is one of Manawatu’s most experienced in the field. Beauchamps are proud to have established the only locally owned Crematorium in Manawatu in a bid to satisfy every family of their wide range of personalised services from the moment a loved one passes away until the very end. For a variety of reasons, Peter has found an increasing number of people who are pre arranging their funerals. With his vast experience, his guidance and advise will cover everyone from all walks of life.

Amongst many other wishes, Peter wants a superior Hearse to reflect his love of cars at his funeral.

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