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Our experience and can-do attitude will ease stress and worry from the funeral, leaving you free to honour and remember your loved one in a special way.

Brent Le Quesne

Brent is our details guy.

Brent was born and bred in Rangiwahia.

Growing up on a farm taught Brent the importance of a strong work ethic coupled with need to be agile and able to think on his feet. Being drawn into the funeral industry with a genuine desire to help others saw Brent make the career change to an industry that he could really see a long term future in.

Brent plays the bagpipes and lives with his beautiful partner Nadia, their daughter Olive and their two cats Gus and Frank.

Brent would like to be marched, by a lone piper, from his funeral in Palmerston North to his burial at Rangi Cemetery.

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