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Our experience and can-do attitude will ease stress and worry from the funeral, leaving you free to honour and remember your loved one in a special way.

Emily Marsden (nee Beauchamp)

“The Bossy One” Qualified Funeral Director Pre-Planning expert

The youngest child in the Beauchamp family, Emily has grown up in the Funeral Home environment (and the Funeral Home itself). These days, she is all grown up and running the accounts department at Beauchamps as well as funeral directing when required. Emily along with her husband Matia, care for their sons Nikau and Kauri, and daughter Gabbie, two cats and a dog called Twix. They are currently renovating their third home so the odd weekend she has spare is spent on the building site. She is the favourite “Aunt Minnie” of her nieces and nephews, named so because of her lifetime idol Minnie Mouse.

When she dies (many many years from now), Emily wants a designer casket featuring the Malborough Sounds scenery and a procession of loud, fast cars accompanying her final trip to the cemetery.

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