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Our experience and can-do attitude will ease stress and worry from the funeral, leaving you free to honour and remember your loved one in a special way.

Julie Beauchamp

Accounts Manager, office florist

A keen gardener, Julie regularly supplies the funeral home with flowers from her very own garden. If she’s not at work or in the garden she will be whipping up a new recipe or enjoying dinner and wine out somewhere in Feilding. Sometimes much, much further away if she is lucky enough to have a holiday that year. Julie counts herself lucky that 3 of her children and 3 grandchildren live close by in Feilding, with 1 son and granddaughter living in Montreal, Canada (thanks goodness for skype). Julie has actively worked alongside Peter in  most aspects of the funeral industry for 20 plus years but these days is the Head of Accounts and all things financial.  One day Julie wants to retire, but the staff are not ready to let her go yet as her vibrant personality is vital to the team dynamics.

Julie wants loads of flowers and a huge party afterwards at her funeral (preferably after she has enjoyed a lengthy retirement).

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