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Our experience and can-do attitude will ease stress and worry from the funeral, leaving you free to honour and remember your loved one in a special way.

Karin Leenards

Funeral Director/Graphic Designer: Creative Talent, Passionate about Services to Celebrate Life

Funeral Director/Graphic Designer: Passionate about Services to Celebrate Life

Karin feels she has definitely found her passion in life working as a Funeral Director. As well as working alongside families as they muddle through the days following the death of a loved one, she also likes to be available for anyone wanting to talk about anything funeral related if they or a member of their family are sadly faced with an end of life prognosis. We understand that there are loads of questions for someone who finds themselves in this situation and if we can help in any way or form, please call us.

Karin’s other main role is the creation of 99% of the service sheets (which are all produced on site in the Palmerston North office).


Married to a local builder, Rolf for over 35 years, mother of 3 adult children and Kiki to 4 grandies. In her leisure time Karin will be trudging the walkways around Palmy, reading, watching the latest Netflix series or spending time drinking coffee (or wine) with friends.

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